Top salaries worldwide of Pharmacy Technician

Top salaries worldwide of Pharmacy technician

A Pharmacy Technician, on a normal gains about $15.90 every hour. They work for autonomous drug stores or pharmaceutical divisions of medication stores; they may likewise be utilized at facilities and emergency clinics. As indicated by the BLS, in 2017, drug store professionals earned a normal yearly compensation of $33,060. The best-paid earned $46,980, while the most reduced paid earned $22,000. Drug store experts are regulated by authorized drug specialists and are answerable for planning solutions for patients. A large group of variables influence a drug store expert’s pay – the degree of experience, instruction, affirmation, area, kind of occupation, and boss. Area assumes a significant job in deciding the amount you will acquire.

To enable you to get a thought regarding the best paying urban areas we have made a rundown of 10 urban communities where drug store professionals win the most significant pay.

  1. San Francisco:

The population of the city is 870,887 in which 3580 are employed. Starting salry in San Francico is $29,530 .On a normal, a drug store expert in San Francisco can expect a compensation of $48,500 yearly, which is better than expected in correlation with different urban areas. CVS Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Seton Medical Center and Walgreens are huge enrollment specialists. Likewise, considering the present drug store professional pay figures, you can reason that after your drug store tech preparing program you are guaranteed sound employment prospects just as a superb compensation to go with the activity.

  • Seattle:

The Population of the city is 704,352 in which 4,110 are employed. Starting Salary of this city is $32,650.The normal pay for a drug store professional in Seattle is $43,200. The city guarantees an extraordinary open door for full-time just as low maintenance drug store specialists, giving 4,110 employments. It is an awesome mix of a significant compensation parcel and high grouping of employment bids. You can hope to be utilized at – Walgreens, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle Children’s, Pay Less Drug and Multicar Health System.

  • Sacramento:

The Population of the city is 4,95,234 in which 2,320 are employed Starting salary of this city is $28,200.In Sacramento, the drug store tech position furnishes people with a chance to work in driving retail drug store outlets and emergency clinic settings, for example, – PhyAmerica, Safeway, Relays, Target and Kaiser Permanente. On a normal, a drug store tech in Sacramento can hope to procure $42,100 per annum. Additionally, the average cost for basic items is genuinely sensible here.

  • Portland :

The Population of the city is 639,863in which 2860 are employed Starting salary of this city is $29,790.Provision Health and Services, CVS Health and Oregon Health and Science University will furnish you with great openings for work. You can anticipate a normal yearly compensation of $38,830 and a reasonable average cost for basic items.

  • Los Angeles :

The Population of the city is 3,976,322 in which 12,670 are employed. Starting salary of this city is $24,550.LA has a significant expense of living; then again, the quantity of drug store specialists utilized is high as well – 12,670. The evaluated normal income every year are $37,930 and selection representatives incorporate – Children’s Hospital, CVS Health, Veteran’s Affair and California’s Rehabilitation Institute.

  • Riverside:

City Population is 324,722 and Employment is 3,450. Starting salary is $25,190. Riverside, the fourth city in California, on the rundown has incredible activity prospects as well. The quantity of drug store experts utilized here is genuinely high. On a normal, here, in Riverside you will acquire $37,120 yearly.

  • Minneapolis:

City Population is 413,651 and the Employment 4,690. Starting salary of the City is $25,180. Ease of living with great business openings makes Minneapolis an alluring spot for pharma specialists. The quantity of professionals working at emergency clinics and retail outlets is high – 4,690. They make $36,910 yearly.

  • San Diego:

City Population is 1,406,630 and the Employment is 3,180. Starting Salary round about is $20,960.San Diego is the fifth city in California to make it to the rundown. The normal pay is $36,180 and Veterans Affair, Scripps Mercy, and Walgreens give countless openings.

  • Salt Lake City:

City Population is 193,744 and the Employment is  1,900.With a decent area remainder and a sensible typical cost for basic items, Salt Lake City is a magnificent spot for drug store professionals to be utilized. Every year, you can expect $36,010.

  1. Denver:

City Population is 693,060 and Employment is 2,870. Denver Health, CVS Health and National Jewish Health offer gigantic chances to full-time searchers. Denver guarantees $35,820 every year and the grouping of drug store specialists in the city is genuinely great as well.


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