The way she spend life

Women become very stylish and fashionable. They have lots of fashion since and know about fashion and know how they can make her up to the mark. How they can make their self unique.

Now a day’s every lady has fashion sense and by the help of media they get knowledge. Most of the ladies have same interests

  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Dresses
  • Bags
  • shoes
  • Beauty treatments
  • Make over


                  Every lady wants each and every product of cosmetics. They prefer imported and branded cosmetics products. The common cosmetics are lipsticks, bases, gloses, blusher, eye pencils, eyeliner and perfumes are very common and most of the ladies have these products commonly.


                   Women has lots of interest in jewelry and they want resets , earrings, rings, pendants,nose pins and nose rings, bangles,anklets etc  etc.they want matching jewelry and want to collect every product which is in fashion.


                 Every lady wants new and updated dresses. They want new dress on every event. It is basic problem of ladies no place in cupboard to hang dresses and no dress to wear.  They want to wear casual, formal and fancy dresses according to their life style.


           Ladies have lots of variety of bags. They have formal, casual, fancy, clutches and volts for daily use for office, for college and different events. They have lots of interest in shopping of bags.


            Ladies has lots of interest wearing stylish and attractive shoes. Some ladies like flat some wants heels and some wants long shoes but it all depend on your style , event, height and weather. They girls who have short height they prefer to wear heels and the girls who have long height like to wear flat and pumps. Glittery and fancy shoes mostly wear for wedding and some other events.

Beauty treatments:

                         Most of the ladies who are independent want do take beauty treatments like facial, nail art and some other hair and face treatments.


 Ladies always want to look good and fresh. They want glow skin and attractive look. They want makeover at least once a month. In this makeover you want hair and makeup.

These are common interests which every lady has. They spend lots of money on all these purchases. They want each and everything perfect.


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